External GetReskilled course reference link

Hi All,
What would be the best link to use to summarise Getreskilled course content? From the point of the the public - someone who does not have login access, like a perspective employer.


Hi Stephen,
Good question!, I have being thinking about this also.
One option would be to refer to Getreskilled as a up-skiling program for professionals and those who wish to change their career path or explore a completely new venture and mention that the course is ran in conjunction with the Technological University, Dublin.

This may not be ideal but it a starting point. I would be interested in what all you other guys think or how you approached Stephens question.
I’m looking to start applying for new positions this week and I imagine I will be asked this by a employer at some point throughout interviews.

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GetReskilled is an Upskilling company who specialises in training and upskilling people to find work in the Pharma Industry in Ireland. It starts out with finding out what skill level the trainee is and starts their journey for there. if you are new to this industry GetReskilled will start you out with a beginner program which is a Conversion course into the Pharma industry which is 15 weeks long .This course lets you understand the basics of Pharma manufacturing and all that it is involved in it ( basically it’s an introduction into a highly regulated manufacturing industry ). After that is completed you can move onto a Certificate in BioPharmaChem which lasts another 30 weeks long and is aimed at people with a manufacturing history of employment behind them. This is where you are accredited with a CPD in eBioPharmaChem from Technological University Dublin . At this point you can look for a beginner role in a Pharma Plant of other industry involved with Medicinal manufacture. If you want to go further you can continue on with GetReskilled and TU Dublin and get a Certificate in Validation to work as a junior roll as a Validation Engineer/Technician within the Pharma Industry. This course takes another 30 weeks to complete. After that you can continue on to get a Bachelor Degree in Manufacture of Medicinal Products in conjunction with GetReskilled and TU Dublin which takes another 2 semesters within the university system . All courses can be taken online and at your own pace ( the recommendation is 10 to 20 hours a week per course for the allotted time with weekly modules to be completed before you can move onto the next module with an end of course assessment to be completed before moving onto the next course) . Course work is enjoyable but some hard work is needed to understand aspects of each course regarding manufacturing principles and regulations needed to be learnt before entering a Pharma Industry . When your course work is completed for each course , finding work would be your next step . Salary is about a third better that other manufacturing employment and you would have a better chance to move up the industry ladder with hard work and study . It is an industry that has a good employability future in Ireland now.
I hope this sums up what courses that GetReskilled do and I hope this helps you. Regards, Thomas Payne certified junior Validation Engineer and student of GetReskilled and TU Dublin

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