Hello to everyone

Hi Guys,
how can get internship, work experience, volunteer work or any other kind of work experience in pharma Companies.

Hi Sunita,
I have no experience of working in a pharmaceutical company. I am a pharmacist and I have worked in a pharmacy for many years. I am Italian and I moved in Ireland a few months ago. I took the course Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies to gain new knowledge about pharmaceutical companies and to be able to find a new job. If you need information I know an Italian girl who works for a pharmaceutical company in Dublin.

Thank you Francesca. Appreciate your response on this.
It would be great if you can connect me to the lady you are referring.

Hello Sunita,
I contacted Clizia (this is her name) and I am waiting for her to send me the email address. Then I’ll send it to you.

Hi Guys
I am equally interested if there be any opportunity for internship willing to work 2days weeks with or without pay please. I area of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs’ Pharmacovigilance’ manufacturing. I have Msc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs.
Thanks guys

This is her email address.
She confirmed that you can contact her for information.

Hi Francesca,
Thanks a million

Hi Francesca,
Thanks a million. How r You. Are you living in Dublin?

Hi Sunita,
yes I live in Dublin, in the south of city.
I was glad to help you!

hello guys! im doing the get reskilled course which i’m enjoying so far.

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