Key Takeaways from the NIBRT Pharma Careers Day

Hi Everyone,

Last year we attended the NIBRT Pharma Career’s Day and got to chat with the senior recruiters across a multitude of Pharma Companies.

We got some great advice from them and came away with 5 key tips for everyone to remember when applying for jobs:

  1. There are jobs… lots of them!
  2. Enthusiasm goes a long way
  3. You don’t need to have a finished a programme to be employable
  4. Networking is Key
  5. Don’t Pass up any Opportunities

Here is a link to the follow-up article that we wrote to chat through all of these 5 key takeaways in more detail. Take a quick read, and then come back and share what you have found during your job hunt


Thank you Sinead for tips.

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Glad you found it helpful Nina!
Any tips you have to share from what you have found with your own job hunt so far?