Quick Hello to all on the course and course Admin

Hi Team!!

Just a quick hello and a keep up the great work!!
Hope all is going well and to plan!!

Stay strong and Blessed all :slight_smile:

Chat soon



Hi everyone,

Quick hello from me also. I am Ines and currently I am taking course of eValidation, is it anyone hire that is taking same course?
And also second question, I am having a hard time with shortening my CV would You have any advice for me?
Kind regards,
Ines Doksa Grabrovec.

Hi Ines,
Hope you are enjoying the eValidation course!
Regarding getting some advice on shortening your CV, some of your fellow students might be able to help you over in the “Week 2 task - your CV questions”. There was a bit of a discussion going on around the same situation just a few days ago.
Below is a link directly to that thread.
Stay Safe

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Hello Sinead,

When I click on the link You have send to me I am getting following answer:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Kindest regards,
Ines Doksa Grabrovec

Hi Ines,

Thanks so much for letting me know.

I have updated your profile so you should now have access. Can I ask you to try again for me?

Best Wishes


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Hi Sinead,

Thank You for updating my profile it is working perfect now.

Kinde regards,
Ines Doksa Grabrovec.

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Hi everyone,

Quick hello from me. I am currently taking the GRS1001 - eClass65C - Advanced Job Hunting Skills.
David Twomey.

HI David,

Me too! And hello to everyone else on GRS 1001.

Marianne Drew :grinning:

Hello everyone , i am currently taking the eBioPharmChem course and learning new skills daily .
I must commend the course coordinator and the study materials are so helpful.
Currently i am learning :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: how to draft my new CV to correspond with my recent knowledge and be employable as well.
I look forward to hearing from my fellow students and coordinator.

Have a great week ahead

same too
glad to hear from you

Hi Paul,

Glad you are enjoying the course… as am I!
I agree that the course materials are great and its structure really works for me.
Looking forward to hearing from other students also.

Have a great weekend,

Thanks Marianne
glad to hear from you
i wish you all the best in your course and studies…
Have a blessed weekend

Thanks Marianne hope this link might be of some help Career Path Expo

That’s great. Thanks David.

Hello everyone! I’m studying eBioPharmChem course at the moment, and nearly finished the GRS1001 - eClass65C - Advanced Job Hunting Skills. I meant to write earlier, but I wasn’t sure which was the right topic…
Anyway, best of luck on the course fellow students!


Hi Paul, I’ve currently just started this course. I love it also and the notes along with the videos are a very good way to highlight the important topics in the module. Glad you are feeling as good this far into your course as I am at the beginning. Gives me more confidence going forward and more likely to continue my education in the eBioPharmChem industry.

Best wishes,


You are welcome on board Stephen, i am also a student as well.
Sincerely speaking ,the videos and downloaded notes are self explanatory,informative and helpful in solving the questions and providing answers to the workbook .

I must commend the director,course coordinator and lecturers for the work so far…

I wish you all the best.

Kind Regards


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Hi everybody,
I am Souminta. Greetings to every student here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello all.
I started eBioPharmChem course just this week.
Wish all the best to everyone and big thank you to our Leaders.
Regards Igor